Amir Hossein Souri 

    Business Consultant


    Date Of Birth :11-12-1981 
    Place Of Birth : Iran Tehran
    Country Of Residence : United Arab Emirates   
    My Linked In : Amir-Hossein-Souri                                   

Skills and Expertise:

Amir Hossein Souri has experience in research, finance, accounting, consulting, business and project management, pricing, costing, feasibility study across different industries.

Personal Information:
Originally from Tehran, Iran but has been living in Dubai for 20 years. Amir loves to spend most of his free time helping businesses grow by studying and finding tailored fit solution to the company's issues regardless of industry.

Amir loves to help people specially the ones living in the old villages and on his free time, he spends most ofhis time in charity works by giving ideas and teaching entrepreneurship to the people in small villages.

Work Experience :

AMIRHSOURI was conceptualized from 2017 from the classes, seminars, and consultations that he organized, handled and managed. 
He started trading business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the year 1998. He had so many local and international trading transactions making him an experienced trader which led to the birth of Future Sky Equipment LLC.
Future Sky Equipment started in the year 2006 and serves as the International Sales & Development Manager of Future Sky Equipment up to now .  
With his experience in trading and business, Amir along with his team have managed to create a network of traders across the globe. Future Sky has traders in Greece, Oman, Pakistan, Kenya, Korea, Egypt, Armenia, Austria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Iraq, Botswana, Cyprus, and Senegal. Future Sky Equipment has established its name when it comes to supplying / trading of Industrial Automation items in United Arab Emirates in the supervision of Amir.
After gaining the practical knowledge in the business, he decided to transfer the knowledge and help some other people to establish their own company or improve their existing business. He currently serves as a consultant of some factories and in terms of
• Company Organizational Set Up 
• International Business Set Up
• International Marketing 
• International Transportation and Customs Clearance 
• International Trading Consultation and Negotiation



AMIRHSOURI as a brand  aims to build a team with members from all over the world who provides high quality assistance to the businesses from all levels, from START UPS up to the most COMPLEX AND BIG companies. 



He is currently visiting different villages from different countries with the goal of getting to know different cultures and different ways of living. Through this, he aims to connect the village people to entities or groups that would improve their way of living.   

Training Experience :

From 2017, with 2 years of helping Students, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Reputable Companies, Amir and his team have conducted around 30 events and more than 80 Virtual Classes. You can check this link for some other events photos: Gallery

The other topics that were discussed and offered to the students and business owners include the following: 

1. International marketing 
2. Practical ways to find customer all over the world
3. Pricing strategy for export products
4. How to become a professional salesman
5. Incoterms and Incoterms Usage in Business
6. international trading documents
7. International Transportation
8. International Money Transfer
9. International Customs Clearance and Transit
10. How to keep Customers 
11. Human Resource Management 
12. How to open an International Company
13. How to make your own business plan
14. How to get an investment
15. How to Manage and Plan a Business Trip

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