2-Practical ways to find customers  :

One of the most important part of the business is on how to find customers locally and internationally. 
Finding the potential customers will take so much time and normally costs a lot.  
With the help of this course, we will give the right tools and will provide useful information on how and where to find customers in the most effective and efficient way. 



4- How to become a Professional Salesman :

After finding customers and when you have already set the correct pricing for your items and products, the next step is on how to effectively communicate with your customers. 

Thru this course, you will be able to know how to deal with your clients, get their attention and prepare and use the right tools in doing the Sales to win the deal either by phone or in person. 



6- International trading documents:

In doing international business, there are different documents that we need to provide either our customers, clients or suppliers. Some of the documents needed in International Trading are Request for Quote (RFQ), Quotation, Purchase Order, Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Letter of Intent or LOI. 
Thru this course, you will be able to know how to properly prepare these documents without missing impportant information that will help you better communicate with either your buyer or your supplier.





 8-International Transportation :

After doing the money transfer successfully, you are now ready to do the trasnport of your goods from one country to another. 

In this course, you will be able to identify and categorize the type of goods and on which transportation system is appropriate with item, time and cost considerations. We will give you details on how to do Air, Sea, Roadway, Railway and Express Courier Shipment and how to find and communicate with these companies to get the lowest transportation or shipping fee. 


10- Customer Relationship Management :

Customer Relationship Management starts with finding customer and keeping their information on a database to make sure that the history, transactions and details of the customers are all recorded. 

Keeping the records of your customer will let you know the transaction you did with them and will help you better attend to their needs and requirements. Knowing your customer is the key to keeping them and in the long run having a loyal customer. 

It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than finding a new one. In this course, we will share with you the information on how to properly keep the information of your customer as well as the soft skills needed in dealing with your customer and making them from a first time buyer to a loyal and long term customer


12-Manage and Plan a Business Trip :

Business travel is important for businessmen and sales professional officers of the company as it will give them more experience and opportunities that will bring value to the company. 

Business Travel will be hard and useless if not managed well. 

In this course we will be sharing with you the tools, tips and information how to have a smooth and or manageable business trip. We will give tips on how to do the scheduling for meetings, arranging of tickets and visas and information on what to check on the country that you will be visiting to before the actual trip.


14- How to get an investment :

People who would like to open a business most of the time struggle with financing their ideas and business plan. 
In this course, we will be sharing with you the information and tactics on how to get an investor without having to loan from banks or financial institutions. 
Through this method, you will lessen the risk and interest that you will have to pay as compared to when you have bank loans and you will also avoid that long process of bank loan processing.

On the other hand, if you are an investor, this course will give you a better option on how to invest your money which will give you a better interest rate and shorter time to have your return on investment. 

1-International marketing : 

By offering the International Marketing Course, the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners will be able to get the information on how to do the marketing of the products or services they offer outside the Local Market. 
In this course, we are informing business enthusiast on  the most economical way of International Marketing with the use of the right tools.




  3- Pricing strategy for export products

Pricing Strategy for export products is very important if you want to export or market the products internationally. 
You have to know how to set the price according to the International Price of the item, Existing Market price in the country where you will do the export and your own Cost Price. 

Thru this course, you will be able to know how to set the right price that is competitive in the existing market price without the fear of loss. 

5-Incoterms and Incoterms Usage in Business :

In international trading, it is important to know the rules of shipping that is set by the International Chamber of Commerce. 
With the right use of Incoterms and Tradeterms, you will keep your shipment and items safe and with lower risk until destination. 
In this course, we will be guiding you on the correct usage of incoterms and on how it will help you in your business. 

   7- International Money Transfer :

After making an agreement or deal with your supplier or customer, you have to be able to send or receive the money thru your bank, by money exchange company or sometimes through cash basis.
To do the money transfer, you have to have knowledge in creating Telegraphic Transfer or TT and Letter of Credit or LC.
Thru this particular course, you will be able to gain knowledge on how to safely do the International Money Transfer.

9-International Customs Clearance and Transit :

Once your shipment has been successfully shipped to any port in the world, you will now start to work on or monitor the customs clearance process either clearing of goods or further transferring it from one Customs Port to another Customs Port. 
To do all these procedure, you need to be familiar with customs rule and on how to communicate and check the rate of customs clearing companies. 
In this course we will let you know the document needed for customs clearance process and on how to deal with the customs clearance personnel. 





11- Human Resource Management : 

There are 2 sides we have to look into when we talk about Human Resource Management, the first one is the Business Owner or Management Team and the other side is the Staff or Employee. 

If you are part of the Management team, you have to keep in mind that the employees are very important and are the frontliner of the company. The business will not function without them. If you are an employee, you have to also understand that camaraderie, peaceful working environment and work enjoyment is important to function well, and as an employee you need to know how to keep a good working relationship with your peers and managers. 

In this course, you will know how to deal with your staff or colleagues in a manner that will be beneficial to the company. 


13- make and manage your own business plan :

Before venturing in a new business or doing an expansion or new division, you need to study and present your business plan to either your Managers or even Business Partners. 

In this course, you will have a full knowledge on how to compute for the expected expenses, expected income and calculate or estimate the benefit or loss which will help you in deciding if opening a new company or new line of business will be beneficial for the company or not.



15- How to open an International Company :

When the business is growing, opening a Sales Office or an Extension Office to another Country is one way to improve the Sales and Image of the Company as well. 

However, we need to keep in mind that running an International Sales Office has its own difficulties. 

In this course, we will share with you what are the problems or difficulties that you will normally encounter in opening your International Sales Office. You will gain knowledge on the Legal Process, Expected Expenses, Company Registration, Opening Bank Accounts and Resident Visa Processing thru this course.

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