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Misfah Old Houses Village in Oman
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Misfah Old Houses Village in Oman

Misfah Old Houses Village in Oman

Misfah Old Houses Village in Oman

On our way back, September 28,2019 we visited the Misfah village, which is almost 1 ½ hour from Jebel Al Shams.

We have met the local person handling the Misfah Inn where he mentioned that that they charge 42 OMR per night which already includes the breakfast. We saw as well the big dates farm in the lower part of the Inn. We saw one farmer with his donkey carrying some crops. We saw one water source where the village people take their drinking water and this serves as their water storage as well for the farm. One person mentioned that the irrigation of the farm is coming from the spring on the upper part of the mountain. We have decided to take a look and find the water source. Along the way, we met Mr. Munir, he is from Bangladesh and is working for one Omani who owns dates farm as well. He led us the way to the water source and gave us some information of the village. We saw some mango trees and dates trees along the way as well. It took us around 20 minutes’ walk before we found the spring in the mountain. On one part of the water source, we found some fish as well. The view of the Misfah Village is rich in nature and I highly recommend to visit this area in Oman.

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