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10 November 2019
Nanadegon Village

Nanadegon Village

Nanadegan Village Visit

On May of 2019 we have visited Nanadegan in Faridan County, Isfahan Province.

On May of 2019 we have visited Nanadegan in Faridan County, Isfahan Province. The photos that I have shared on this travel blog will show you the beautiful nature that this Village has. You will be able to see some forest and mountains in this area but we mainly visited the village where there is a population of 1716 people from 534 families. In this side of Esfahan, the weather is cold ranging from -10 Degree Celsius during winter and 11 Degree Celsius during summer.

Their main source of income is through farming and the main crops they produced is wheat. Some residents also work on livestock including cows and sheep.

10 November 2019
Vafrejin Village Visit

Vafrejin Village Visit

On April 2019 I decided to visit different villages to talk to the people and to get to know them more and find a way to solve their problem.

The first village I have visited is Vafrejin Village which is west part of Hamadan province in Iran.

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    Visiting various villages in different countries will give you an insights on the day to day activities and struggles and view in life of the village people.
    Through this, if possible, you will be able to connect them through some channels and institutions who can possibly improve their way of living.
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