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Palangan Village Visit
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Palangan Village Visit

Palangan Village Visit

Palangan Village Visit

October 19, 2019 we had a trip in the west part of the Iran and we have travelled to Kermanshah, after the Kermansha, we go to Kamyaran City and from Kamyaran City, we used to follow one small road between the Kayaran and Maryvan. On the middle of the way, there is one nice village which is called Palangan.

This village is located in between mountains and all the homes are build up on the mountain. Also the Palangan Village is one of the known village for the tourist  and the people living in this village are having good income because of the tourists. You can easily find a house where you can rent or stay for one or 2 nights. The village population is estimated to be about 1000 people. Access road to this village from Kamyaran Main road and Maryvan main road is available but around 10km of the road going to Maryvan is not asphalt anymore. Some villages also have fish pond as their source of income and sells the fish on the local people. Some other residents are also having livestock animals as their source of income. After we reach to Palangan village, we take our backpacks and started walking towards the mountain to reach the water falls which took around 1 hour. To reach to this water falls, there are 2 options, one is through walking and the other is through donkey. The people in this village are Kurdish and knows Persian but mostly speaks Kurdish. You will see the ladies wearing traditional Kurdish dress. The weather condition ranges from -7 Degree Celsius during winter and up to 20 Degree Celsius during summer.


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