• A Great Leader is Responsible,
    Reliable and focusing
    on the Vision and Goals of The Team.
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  • There is no Miracle in Business.
    Your Miracle
    Depends on Your Hard Work.
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Few things to improve your business
What is Business?

Business is a combination of Art and Sciences.  It is an Art where you have to create ...


What Are the Traits of a Great Leader?
A Great Leader is Responsible, Reliable and is focused on the Vision and Goals of The Team ...


How to Grow Your Network

In Order to Grow Your Network, Business Partners and Business Opportunities, you have ...


Employees as Companies' Greatest Asset

Employees are Assets and Not Liabilities in A company, the more you all ...


Sales is the Main Point of Every Business

Sales is an integral part of the Business, we can say that without Sales, all Business will ...


Business and Travel

Business and travelling has direct correlation to each other. The more a businessman travels the ...



What Is the Next Book

Book Name : Business Process

I believe that Great Leaders’ Goal is to Create More Leaders, this also applies to Business. As a Businessman and Trading Expert for half of my life, I want to create more businessman and businesswoman by sharing the Knowledge and my Hands On Experience by Writing a Book about Business Process Management- A Step by Step Guide on How to Create, Conceptualize, Execute and Handle a Business. My upcoming book will discuss on:

 1. How to have a Proper Business Mindset   5. International Money Transfers
 2. How to Search for a target product.   6. Customs Clearance Process 
 3. The Proper Business Documents     7. Calculation of Cost of Goods.
 4. International Logistics 


Few words about business workshop

Why I run the Short Business Course?

I along with my whole team have decided to conduct a Short Term Business Course to be able to share the experiences and knowledge we have acquired for the past 18 years. It is our Goal to help and guide the people who are new in Business Management or Business Set Up or simply the people who would like to run their own business. Thru this, we will be able to transfer the knowledge and practices for a successful business planning, business management, business set up and the overall guide in business in a Short Period of Time with a Cheap Rate.












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Few Words About Seminar 

Why do we conduct Seminars?

Aside from Short Courses, we are conducting Seminars as well that tackles the Main Points and Topics in Business Process Management. The Seminar Program caters for Business People who does not have much time to attend to the Short Courses. A seminar with the Overall Business Process Management Topic is completed in just about 5 hours. Thru Conducting Seminars, we are able to make a Larger Business Network and can serve as a channel in connecting different Business Owners and Business Aspirants as well.

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